So how do you start when you want to reach someone? By simple stating  the already known or by formulating questions that plants the seeds so that you can be more aware of processes within and without? My wish and purpose with this blog is to assist  my readers  in creating a framework  to make their existence more  comprehensible. Existential questions are crucial for man to reflect upon. And there are lots of people out there only focused in the lesser deeds of self focus as a way to feed their egos. I want to aid you in broadening your understanding and expand the awareness of the inner world and its correlation to the outer world.

Travel is basically an act to broaden the inner world and to expand the sense of understanding oneself and others. But also a way in making sense of time subjectively. So the understanding of time is built upon memories and they are made strong thru various factors .Travel can wake up the person to see their fellow humans and themselves in a way not possible if they only where to work and only be subjected to routines. When humans look back and remember their lives it will be remembered  in a hierarchical manner where those memories which have the most building blocks from sensory stimuli, feelings and meaning are the ones that thru remembrance defines us in a linear way thru life.

Time is the frame in which everything existing dwells so it is a good place to start your reflecting.

I hope  that you will come back for more? I am investing my time here for you and you invest your time here to grow and to broaden your sense and understanding of yourself and others. Making time meaningful is  the most valuable gift that we can give each other.

Thank you for making my time meaningful best regards from Samuel.

The battle between the external and the internal.

In Summer times I find myself reaching outwards towards experiences that lets me enjoy nature, like camping or going out with my kayak. I try to fool myself that I have no need of nurturing my intellect because I believe that this should be done as the cold and dark sets in at Autumn and winter. But if I neglect thought processing it’s like something is nagging from within. Experiences from the senses can never fully dominate because this sooner or later will lead to a discrepancy between the creative realms and reality.

It’s like watching the amazing creation of nature without creating is like never truly internalizing the outside with the mind. For as the flow of creation sets in some kind of tuning in to the real driving force behind all that one can see in the beautiful landscape get actualized within the mind.

So watching nature being busy as I am being lazy on my vacation creatures some kind of distance between nature and myself that I don’t appreciate. This is why I like to use my body as it was ment to be used in the first place. But the mind also must be used the proper way or else this neglect will at some point make itself noticed probably by creating some kind of restlessness or anxiety until it gets the proper stimuli that it desperately needs.

Uniting the material perspective with the metaphysical.

Sense the first thoughts of metaphysical nature entered the mind’s of humans, we have struggled to unite the material world with the idea of the metaphysical. But without being grounded in that which can be perceived, man could drift away from reality and lose himself in the vast possibilities beyond the horizon.

My thoughts regarding this is that one should strive to uphold a strong centerline between belief systems and the reality in which one lives. If one relies solemnly upon incantations, prayers or lucky charms,  this would be a example of imbalance. And if someone would choose too only rely upon materialism this would also create an imbalance at some stage. For without hope, direction and comfort from the concept of God, where would man turn as all possibilities are limited in this world?

If we narrow it down there exist different strategies of coping with injustice and suffering. One way is too solemnly rely upon the finite thru a stoic acceptance of all that may come by focusing upon virtues to progress oneself thru lifes hardships. The problem appears as one realizes the evil that humans are capable of in this world. The lack of justice in this world can create a need for a metaphysical justice in certain people’s minds. The idea of having a omnipotent God one can turn too in times of hardship, is sometimes merely tempting and at other times the only way in creating hope that could elevate the mind from the finite material resources of security and lack of existences sustenance. 

The brute reality can disintegrate man over time. A belief system should be of a purpose like that of an anchor. Which helps man from drifting away into a storm of meaninglessness. But if the belief solemnly is dictated by the need to elevate the person above reality and hence creates an alternative world this will lead to suffering for the person and the ones closest to him. The subject must then be drawn down too the material world thru constructive actions.

He who can live with out a God must become his own God. But as he wakes up to the shortcomings and the immense lack of omnipotence of his person only self defeat will follow.

A belief in something which helps the person to be grounded within a moral framework and hence create substantial constructive effects . Is according to me partially fictional because how can something fictional create real effects in our world? People decide to act accordingly to their beliefs. Therefore can a belief in an metaphysical idea be actualized to certain degrees under the physical laws that govern our world.

But if nothing comes out of a belief system which is substantial and measurable it is merely an illusion. So beliefs creating real changes and who are beneficial for someone or others around him bridges the gap between fantasy and reality. That belief is substantial too a certain degree by the means of its real effects within the material realm and is therefore not strictly metaphysical.

So a unification of the metaphysical and material world can be made only if the chain of causality moves top down from the belief down to actions in this world manifesting in that which is good.

What a pandemic reveals to us about ourselves.

Suddenly people starts to reflect upon their own mortality as their actions and desires face limitations due to the current situation with Covid-19. People cling on to newsfeeds about the pandemic and falls into a spiral of despair. It is like they try to set themselves free by clinging on to the dystopic mindset that always gets culturally represented in religion,films, books or games to name a few. And therefore already have a strong subconscius representation within the pshyches of people all around the World. But is this rational or simply a reactive modality? I would conclude the latter of these two to be the case. A person that seek Control should not turn into a toilet paper shopping fear driven person. But rather cultivate a stoic mindset that view this pandemic as something normal happening over and over again thru the history of mankind.

Why has peoples own mortality been so neglected until now? The flight from the inevitable death has been one of the primal factors wich drives the economic growth in the World.I mean that stimulation of the senses to take peoples minds away from reflections regarding the existential. No one wanted to realize the truth that lies within their limited time span here on Earth. So the great thing about having time to realize ones own mortality is that it actually subjectively redefine what is important or not. Which jobs that carry true meaning and those that do not.

So if we have some understanding of why the virus actually have a potential which helps us clear our vision and helps us to see what’s important in life, our family and our society, to be brave, have hope an contribute to welfare, healthcare by great altruistic actions for the greater good of our fellow man and our world.

Guilt neurosis of the Soldier.

I have thought about mental suffering of soldiers as they have come home from their war service. And in what way these partially could have manifested out of a sort of delusion in reference to both the “framework” of war like purpose, goal and justification. And also the subjects incitements to why he has become a soldier? And to what extent that person has fooled himself in trying to become the myth of the Soldier by playing the roll to much and thru that denying his true self.

It’s easy to understand why a constant threat and the extreme feats of violence and suffering can break someone down.If a Soldier dissasociate himself from parts of his moral code which has been taught too him as a Child. Stricly as a way to necessary fit into the roll of a Soldier, who´s actions are justified by the rules of engagement governing that mission or the military organisation. And also by trying to internalize the myth conceptualized by the media or culture. The subjectively felt level of dicrepency beetween the past morality and that which was acertained thru the military training to get the proper moral mindset of a Soldier, will always to some extent be felt by the soldier. As a person aspires to fully become the roll beeing played and thru this denying the autenticity of the self. The hard truth will in time declare that without the advantage of the lack of empathy and remorse only to be found in the mind of the psychopath this never fully can be actualized. The soldier roll will always to some extent be played.

Before going into harms way in combat each Soldier should ask himself this questions;

1) What can i trully justify and live with for the rest of my Life?

2) And in what ways does my anwers to question number one correlate to values and norms that can be found in the higher realms of the greater good for people?

3) What are the thrue incitements that has motivated myself to take this roll of the warrior and call it mine?

4)And why should i lie too myself by clinging 0n too the false ones?

5) What are the costs doing for that?

But as one think about the dark traits the people carrie around and who never will find themselves in the same extreme situations like soldiers would be in from time to time. Anyone who’s been to a country that have gone through war learns about the dark traits that are inherent in man. And after this realisation it can be hard to stop being aware of all the madness and evil that dwells within peoples subconscious which most seldom come up to the surface in peaceful countries. This fact should be the grounds for the immense stress of values and virtues that real Soldiers go thru. And by this statement actually have gone thru the hardest test of the true capacity and false and trues virtues subjectively inherent. For in facing the chaos of darkness of war man is thrutfully actualized as one corresponding to good or evil! And the people sitting in their sofas judging are the ones truly playing the roll of the virtues and good people.

Language inflation.

It seems like it is an increase in the use of bad language nowadays. As an example we had one guest in our home who used words like Satan and devil (Swedish swearwords) in almost every sentence he spoke. I mentioned this to my wife the day after and said; ” How come do some people swear so much, and call upon the devil if he has no meaning to them?” This guest who also had said that he is an atheist, can in spite of that predispostition frequently incorporate words that are used in religion to describe the source of evil in this world, and use these in his daily conversations with people.

I mean if someone speaks frequently about something and use specific reoccurring words they must mean something to him or her. If you mention spiderman in every conversation the other one in that conversation will certainly believe that you are a fan of spiderman.

The devil hides in plane sight within the semantics of unaware men. I mean can we take a word that means something and wipe out its true meaning just by frequently making use of it? Money can thru inflation loose its worth but not its meaning and this rule adheres too other Words as well.

I believe there exist some kind of dissociation from the true meaning of words within the semantics and the rhetoric of the modern man. Involuntary conveying things that carrie meaning in a field that has been subdued by the schooling and the materialistic world view as an effect from the enlightenment to name one. Teachers in schools have never made any effort in explaining why man has done such a vast amount of atrocities thru our history. The problem of evil is a hard one to fully grasp thru the means of Psychology. Because that´s a field which in most cases is theoretical with a diversity of explanatory models. But the problem of evil is something also open for the mythic or metaphyscial theories and beliefs if any sense or undestanding to a fuller extent will be able too take room.

So be aware of the words you use for words have meaning and language or lack thereof is actually that which too a great extent defines us.

Blind trust without ever knowing the source or its true incitements.

Looking at the picture of the pendulum above it’s possible to draw certain conclusions . It is impossible to understand who or what the pendulum is held up by by merely observing the picture. This also holds true in regards to most of that which people nowadays get subjected too. Yesterday i looked at a youtube clip and my wife asked me this question; ” do you know anything about this person that made this and if this is true or not? I replied; “Do you know anything about the ones creating the Netflix series that you watch?” The interesting thing is that we often only question information that go against our beliefs,worldviews, preferences and so on. (in psychology this is known as cognitive biases) Seldom do we question the news from the state sponsored media or that which is regarded as entertainment. We humans perceive that which gets presented to us often without ever thinking about in what way that could change preferences in our lives regarding morality,choices and actions.

The illusion of the self as a “fixed state” is widely evident but a fact that often not so often consciously will be realized by all. Adaptation is as we know it a trait crucial for all species in regards too their survival, this also holds true for society. As people work and live their minds numb down because of stress and workloads. Something will probably happen as they come home and look at certain series on their televisions or smartphones? With a non critical perceiving and a certain level of capitulation in regards to that which is shown they are molded into that which is unknown to themselves. So theoretical the ones creating the series can actually have plans or goals who are unknown for the ones getting subjected to it.

The potential danger lies within the general perceived security level of a society. For there it normally exists a very low amount of questioning in regards to that which gets perpetrated in the media. But for someone living in north Korea this probably wont be the case. Because a totalitarian society use all media as means of control and manipulation of the people living there in a very direct and clear way. So people living there are probably more aware of this aspect of the media i believe.

But the great thing about propaganda in a totalitarian state is that it actually often is pretty obvious in what purpose it is made for. But the news in a democratic country is often taken only for what they are. Like something which strictly gets used for public service. But the question seldom arise within the viewers of the news , why this is shown? The true purpose of it and the real incitements behind it.

Why report selectively if not as for a purpose? Withholding certain aspects of the bigger picture can actually lead the public astray. Leaving something out can have an immense effect often surpassing that which is being shown.

The danger of YouTube is that it offers models of reality that assimilates within the public minds whether the want that or not. Non criticism is often an effect correlating with the amount of subjectively felt security. As someone has come home they shut down their “display persona” . Humans get very vulnerable to critic and judgment by their fellow man as they step outside their homes. This activates a mental “ready” state that never gets activated as someone stayes at home by themselves. This is then exploited by a variety agents like the market and others known or unknown cooporations who resides out there on the internet.

So please step into your “ready state” as you go out on YouTube and on the internet. Otherwise you will get subjected to various risks because of your falsely felt level of comfort, security and control. Which actually does not reside where you are in your home by your self. Due to the fact of a vast amount of ideas and worldviews that gets “streamed” into your psyches on a daily basis.

I dont wont to install paranoia in you by Writing this. I just want to make you aware of this non critical mindset that sets in as the level of Comfort rises. And thru that activate your own rational mind to choose wisely what you look at in the media.

The danger of sexual preferences changing due to porn adaptation.

Nowadays people are exposed to vast amounts of almost ever accessible temptations. Thanks to the internet and the everyday carrying of cellphones. Most people nowadays wont raise their eyebrows if someone they know looks at porn. But what are the effects upon man that could be harmful and have not been made consciously aware of and properly reflected upon?

Due to the secularization of today the word guilt is mostly associated with something refering to crime. But for someone with a religiuos belief system that have moral laws or a persons knowledge about the reality behind the porn industri will in some cases cause sensations of guilt. But whether or not people may be secular, atheistic or agnostic out there. Looking at porn will not be regarded as such a big issue until they get desensitized to the normal sexual content. And go too the extremes in finding a liking for something that go against that which is culturally normative, legal or accepted.

There must exist a respect and an understanding regarding the potential threat from the exposure of material with various displays of sexual content. Because it can set in motion a subjective and progressive sexually preferential and deterministic process of evolution. Towards that which is destructive and unmoral even in regards to the moral standards of secular society of today.

The psyche of a normal non addicted and psychologically healthy human will for the most part gravitate towards input that will promote neural connectivity and growth of brains cells so a development can accure. The progression of a psyche regarding feelings, fantasi, stimulation, motivation and preferantial framework can due to causality affect specific behaviors and motivate actions. Like in the example of video gaming. This is why it could be dangerous with the immense variety of material with sexual content that is so easily accessible.

Desensitization and adaptation is something we as humans must have respect of. Because as someone choose to expose himself to porn over a certain time that which was adequate once will no longer stimulate the subject enough. This will push forward the limits and for some people this can have terrific consequences like in the case of the serial killer Ted Bundy. Who had said in an interview that it was thru porn his need was given nurture from.(not the exact quotation used here) And the list goes on regarding the vile sexual preferentials out there. Those of you who dare can see that inteview with Ted Bundy regarding this matter.

So my advice to men out there is to stay away from pornography because it is a destroyer of people,relations, families and morality. We must have the proper respect regarding the corruptible capacity that pornography has over some people that get exposed to it.

Shallow gender definitions leads to transgender confusion.

In the culture of today it seems as people get lost as they search for mental health and this can clearly be understood thru reflecting upon the seemingly increasing amount of people lost in their gender identification. I understand that there are babies born with not fully developed sexual organs. And a variety of abnormal developmental mutations related to the sexual organs and the endocrine system. In relation to these cases i think caution should be made for doctors and parents which will propagate for surgically transforming the baby into a boy or a girl. And instead wait if possible until the child get a feeling of belonging to a specific gender. In this blog post i would like to specify the psyche, its health and the subjective ways of the identification with a specific gender .

So as we grow up a need to identify ourselves with different models for our developmental processes become crucial. For who can build themselves up without any external models for their psychological developmental trajectory? Or in other words ” Monkey see and monkey do”! In the shallow society that most people adhere to the sexual and gender identification runs parallel with shallowness. Psychic traits and preferences get categorized subjectively into either female or male attributes which solemnly determines the categorization of someone being either male or female. And when people get lost in their understanding of their own gender identification, one must ask if it this solemnly is based upon specific traits, certain feelings or specific preferences?

So if psychological traits are shallowly understood one effect of that can be related to the process of the identification to a specific gender. And if these traits clearly are displayed within or thru the subject. The gender identification will be based upon this. But i believe this is not enough to base ones gender identity upon because of the diversity of physiological traits that are displayed in both sexes.

Mental illness like depression is of course also something that can be an incitement that drives someone to drastically change their gender. We know that mental illness like depression to name only one often leads people to a “fleeing from themselves”. Drugs are used by many to flee from their current state of mental illness or insuficiens. Then we have people playing rolls to flee. The urge for some to flee from their mental torment can also be made thru them changing their gender. The most tragic and final flight from life itself is by suicide. We can see that a majority within the transgender community deals with thoughts of self harm and suicide in many surveys.

So if a person feels like being created wrong in accordance to their gender, how then can the changing of their surface fix this? Changing clothes putting on make up or thru steroids growing a beard, losing fat, gaining muscle, and thru plastic surgery changing certain features and finally the sexual organs. All this is merely surface their brains and psyches remain mostly as before. Is it possible to conclude solemnly from the statements of someone their true gender identity, solemnly based upon feelings, thoughts and preferences? Arent we also defiened trough reality itself?

Of course the person with gender dysphoria can claim that he or she feel and think like the opposite sex. But how can they know this? Even if the most extreme of surgeries are made the person still knows on some level either conscious or subconscious that it is unnatural and not a real transformation into the opposite gender. It is mearly playing the roll more visually. And this could lead to more mental sufferings afterwards their surgery i belive.

There exist people with other forms of dysphoria like species dysphoria. If someones feels that they are an animal like a cat, should we hold this as a true statement even though it is only based upon that persons subjectively assessed identification?

We humans are all to a certain degree confined by some limits that hinder us from realizing our dreams and aspirations. This is life and all creatures on this earth have a constitution that may not always be optimal. But we who are logical beings although sadly in various degrees. Can reshape neural pathways within our brains. and through knowledge learn to differentiate the non realizable dreams from those that are.

Fleeing from the truth cant save you but searching for it will . In  the acceptance of the plausible internal modalities which constitute and define yourself , you will find peace through real change.

Level of consciousness as the incitement for value assessment of life status.

Consciousness is of course not something that we really can understand or clearly define thru the current level of knowledge found in science or philosophy. So here i use the term more as a meta-word that so to say brings us understanding of the subjects wholeness of their psyches and their potentials. In bringing the ones that are in contact with them a perceived higher level of status in a variety of settings in relation to other subjects there. Whether it be in culture science or social settings as to name a few.

A fetus representing low value according to a lot of humans. Because of their subjective categorization of its lower state of consciousnesses.
Albert Einstein representing someone categorized as have had high value in regards to his former level of consciousness.

Everywhere we turn we categorize humans and life in general upon their perceived or estimated level of consciousnesses. But not thru its potentials in becoming someone with a higher consciousness. This ac cures whether we would like to admit it or not. Every year 56 million babies are aborted across the world. We mostly consciously ignore this because it is so culturally grounded within our psyches. Most humans set their own welfare or social status as the deterministic factor which promotes the abortion. Only visualizing the negative outcomes from having the baby and not thinking about the potential it has in reaching a higher form of consciousnesses who could help or bring humankind forward in some field of science or in great thought who could inspire others as to name a few possibilities. And in the judging of the baby’s status as not compatible with a real human in the descriptive term of a fetus. Which directly diminishes its value because of its lover stage of development. The fetus terminology so to say locks in the baby in the present without taking its futurity in to the assesmentof it. With its progress in the becoming of a conscious, moral citizen with capacity to contribute in society and the world.

A worm is seen for most humans as a creature having a very low innate value from which it can get protection from being crushed by a bicycle wheel as an example. But its value correlates with its function in the Eco system as an entity turning fallen leafs into soil in which we cultivate our food in. That gives the worm a ecological high value. Most humans in contrary to that example only basically can be described more thru a perspective of something parasitical that mostly burden the planet. These examples fit value assessments of persons who sees the world thru the materialistic and nihilistic worldview defining it without any higher moral framework as a incitement. So a rational matematical woldview of “plus and minus”, contribution or consuming effects. Also a large amount of humans assess the value of others in a similar way but thru their subconscious i Believe, and through this affect their subjective value assessments of humans and life in general.

Lets face it , if we are purely materialistic we could easily thru derivative logic compare the outcome and effects of worms and compare them to most humans and give them both statuses and values derived from these. This is the danger in having a worldview purely materialistic.  We must have respect for the immense value aspect of grounding ones  morality thru self interest or altruism and that which is good.

Truthfully realizing the effects of magic upon the psyche.

When we look in to the culture of today we see stories revolving around magic and the supernatural both for kids and adults. The vast amount of magic today in popular culture strongly correlates with the growth of secularization i believe. Because in spite of the empiricism striving towards the dominance over superstition, most of us still to various degrees are aware of the need for the supernatural.

Because it often have fundamental the mind striving out of the constrains of the For our existence bears witness to the In the time between world war 1 and 2 an increasingly interest of spirituality and the occult spread out thru Europe as people left Christianity. Most people are not familiar that the Nazis leadership had a strong belief in the occult . They where aware of symbols and the effects they have upon the psyches of humans.

Symbols represents ideas,unite minds and sets forth movement. As we for example fill an arena with people and show them a familiar sign they will immediately start to associate within their minds. The symbol brings knowledge into awareness thru associations from their subconscious. We all know to a certain extent the power of the free market with its brands, logos and different symbols and the effects they have upon us as we decide to buy a product. The symbol carry a meaning that often in a subliminal manner determinate actions of humans so that they for example will purchase a product.

As the idea or the information related to the sign is known to the subject then its emergence within the mind will be either consciously or subconsciously made. The altering of the subjects interpretation, will and actions to various extents are real and advertisement has been born out of this reality. So i find it interesting that most people in general have so little respect to the influence of this ever growing interest in the occult thru series, media, music, art and so on. Words carry meaning and the signs adhering to it take another path within the psyche thru its activation of different regions in the brain.

So now we must ask ourselves about the reality of beliefs and magic as means to control and change human behavior? Even if it appears to be fiction and fairy tales. Can our brains really separate art,culture and media from altering different levels within the psyche? As someone looks at a movie their brain sends signals to set free hormones and trigger muscular responses altering breathing patterns and pulse. The persons brain can not consciously at certain times during the movie differentiate fiction from reality.

So as we to a certain degree understand and acknowledge the effects of words, signs, pictures and beliefs and their potentiality and power. We must start to question the immense signs and messages from the occult in our everyday lives. And we must seek out the greatest force only to be found in God. And the sign that carries the message of Jesus having defeated sin and the adversaries of God and brought us salvation. The sign that leads us to righteousness and salvation. And is the only hope that conveys forgiveness.

God bless you and i pray that you will understand the reality that Christ has brought all who seek him. And that you will be able to receive the holy spirit to guide you thru life. So it can bring you freedom from sin and give you hope, rest and the power to withstand all that this world
 tries to lead you astray with. In the name of the
 father the son and the holy spirit amen.