Shallow gender definitions leads to transgender confusion.

In the culture of today it seems as people get lost as they search for mental health and this can clearly be understood thru the seemingly increasing amount of people lost in their gender identification. I understand that there are born babies with not fully developed sexual organs. And a variety of abnormal developmental mutations related to the sexual organs and the endocrine system. In relation to these cases i think caution should be made for doctors and parents which will propagate for surgically transforming the baby into a boy or a girl. And wait if possible until the child get a feeling of belonging to a specific gender. In this blog post i would like to specify the psyche, its health and the subjective ways of identification as a certain gender .

I really respect the difficult issues that some people struggle with on a daily basis according to these questions. And i hope that this post can give some kind of  perspective that can help them in some way.

So as we grow up a need to identify ourselves with different models for our developmental processes becomes crucial. For who can build themselves up without any external models to propagate for the psychological developmental trajectory? Or in other words ” Monkey see and monkey do”! In the shallow society that most people adhere to the sexual and gender identification runs parallel with shallowness. Psychic traits and preferences get categorized subjectively into either female or male attributes which solemnly determines the categorization of someone being either male or female. And when people get lost in their understanding of their own gender identification, one must ask if it is solemnly is based upon specific traits or certain feelings.

So if psychological traits are shallowly understood one effect of that can be related to the identification to a specific gender. And if these traits clearly are displayed within or thru the subject. The gender identification will be based upon this. But i believe this is not enough to base ones gender identity upon because of the diversity of physiological traits that are displayed in both sexes.

Mental illness like depression is of course also something that can be an incitement that drives someone to drastically change their gender. We know that mental illness like depression to name only one lead people to a “fleeing from them selves”. Drugs are used by many to flee from their current state of mental illness. And then we have people playing rolls to flee. Then the urge for some to flee from their mental torment is made thru them changing their gender. The most tragic and final flight from life itself is by suicide. We can see that a majority within the transgender community deals with thoughts of self harm and suicide in many surveys.

So if a person subjectively feels like being created wrong according to their gender, how can the changing of their surface fix this? Changing Clothes putting on make up or thru steroids growing a beard, losing fat and gaining muscle, plastic surgery changing certain features and finally the sexual organ. All this is merely surface. And not a proper display of someones real gender that was constituted in the wound. Even if the most extreme of surgeries are made the person still know on some level either conscious or subconscious that it is unnatural and this will lead to more mental sufferings afterwards.

We humans are all to a certain degree confined to some limits that hinder us from realizing our dreams or aspirations. This is life and all creatures on this earth have a constitution that may not always be optimal. But we who are logical beings although sadly to a in various degree. Have options to reshape neural pathways within our brains. And learn to accept the non realizable dreams. And accept those things that we cant change and be who we are meant to be from the beginning in the wounds of our mothers.

I want to tell you who are lost in this gender confusion that God made you with a purpose, created you to be who you are from birth. Fleeing from the truth cant save you. But in  the acceptance of yourself you will find peace. We cant change the sun into the moon because our reality is actually based upon absolutes like that. Do not destroy your reality by changing your gender. May the Lord free you and bless you with truth  and deliverance from ungratefulness, doubt and depression for you are loved. Amen.

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