Blind trust without ever knowing the source or its true incitements.

Looking at the picture of the pendulum above one can draw certain conclusions . It is impossible to understand who or what the pendulum is held up by when merely observing the picture. This also holds true in regards to most of that which people nowadays get subjected to. Yesterday i looked at a you tube clip and my wife asked me this question; ” do you know anything about this person that made this and if this is true or not? I replied; “Do you know anything about the ones creating the Netflix series that you watch?” The interesting thing is that we often only question information that go against our beliefs,worldviews, preferences and so on. (in psychology this is known as cognitive biases) Seldom do we question the news from the state sponsored media or that which is regarded as entertainment. We humans perceive that which gets presented to us. in many cases without ever thinking about in what way this can change our preferences in our lives regarding morals,preferences ,choices and our actions.

The illusion of the self as a “fixed state” is widely evident but often not so often something that ever will be made consciously aware in generality. Adaptation is as we know it a trait crucial for all species in regards to their survival, this also holds true for society’s. As people work and get numb down in their consciousnesses because of stress and workloads. Something will probably happen as they come home and look at certain series on their televisions or smartphones? Whit a non critical perceiving and a certain level of capitulation in regards to that which is shown they are molded into that which is unknown to themselves. So theoretical the ones creating the series can actually have plans or goals who are unknown for the ones getting subjected to it.

The potential danger lies within the general perceived security level of a society. For there it normally exist a very low amount of questioning in regards to that which gets perpetrated in the media. But for someone living in north Korea this probably wont be the case. Because a totalitarian society use all media as means of control and manipulation of the people living there. So they are probably more aware of this aspect of the media i believe.

But the great thing about propaganda in a totalitarian state is that it actually often is pretty obvious in what purpose it is made for. But the news in a democratic country is often taken only for what they are. Like something which strictly gets used for public service. But the question seldom arise within the viewers of the news , why this is shown? The true purpose of it and the real incitements behind it.

Why report selectively if not as for a purpose and therefore also used in the exact manner as the report that will bee displayed? Withholding certain aspects of the bigger picture or leading the public astray. Leaving something out can have an immense effect often surpassing that which is being shown for the exact same purpose.

The danger of YouTube is that it offers models of reality that assimilates within the public psyches whether the want it or not. Non criticism is often an effect correlating with the amount of subjectively felt security. As someone has come home they shut down their persona which is displayed in public. Humans get very vulnerable to critic and judgment by their fellow man as they they step outside their homes. This activates a mental “ready” state that never gets activated as someone is at home by themselves. This is then exploited by a variety of agents like the market and others known or unknown who resides out there on the internet.

So please step into your “ready state” as you go out on YouTube and on the internet. Otherwise you will get subjected to various risks because of your falsely felt level of comfort, security and control. Which actually does not reside where you are in your home by your self. Due to the fact of a vast amount of ideas,morals and worldviews that gets “streamed” into your psyches on a daily basis.