The power of prayer.

One day ago my fiend came over with his wife and 2 kids. The family where in sorrow and chock as the little brother of my friend had been murdered with an axe by some unknown man a week ago. And the wife of my friend had herself gone thru a loss of her father who had lost the battle towards cancer. When one is facing such sorrow and trauma there must be something more to do than just listening or being supportive. My friend has no belief in God and his wife have some subjective belief but more in the agnostic sense.

As an christian and a believer in the power of prayer i asked them both if it was to be OK if i prayed for them? They answered yes and i prayed in guidance of the holy spirit to the father in the name of Jesus by laying my hands upon one shoulder of them both and prayed. The prayer was specially spoken so that my friend would be able to let go of the judgment to the Lord and be free from thoughts of anger or revenge. For Gods justice is the one above all and the only reel comfort that can give the most deliverance from thoughts of anger and revenge. Afterwards there was i silence and a moment of peace.

I find it interesting that most people who have come to the tipping point of their materialistic comforts as effects of trauma or overwhelming amounts of hurt. Often in a majority of cases are willing to accept the support from God . The trust in them selves or in god-willing fellow humans have obvious limits to the amount of hope, comfort and understanding that can can be attained.

The one stuck in a deep dark pit will often be grateful for the light that comes or for the hand reaching down towards their hand. Which rational being will say no to help even if its grounded upon faith when the limits of this world becomes obvious and all to real?

Modern man is lost in relation to the knowledge of good and evil.

Its is not difficult to see how that which is good is seen as something bad and vice versa, as we look at the culture and the new relative morality of man.The series about Lucifer on Netflix is one of many examples were that which is bad gets blurred and changes into something pragmatic and relative. As someone gets aware of ones thoughts and how the self and its carnality is central for the modern man. That which is culturally manifested has a real effect on ones own morality.

The lack of respect of evil is probably the factor that predestined most of the sufferings that exists or have existed. The biggest deception for people in regards to their own psyches is that they believe that they ground their morals upon something they’ve selves created. Yes people in general have some degree of understanding in regards to nurture and learning. But as someone listens to a pop-song or watch a film or series they are exposed to visual or semantic information that they must process, but this processing is mostly hidden away from our conscious and ac curing within the subconscious. So that means there will be effects later on in our decision making that have emerged out of the mass consummations of culture. And forged together within the subconscious and through a synergy effect make changes in our morals and actions.

To summon up in essence my message. I will mention the holy grail and what it represents. You are the cup and what you fill it with is of great importance. Keep the water pure therein for drop by drop of polluted water it will be undrinkable. And if there is poison therein and that is what you pass around the others holy grail´s will soon also be of no good. Respect all that you fill your cup with and make sure that it will be pure and good. So that your sharing will benefit all that you come in contact with and bring sustenance to the ones in need.

The value aspect of the question.

When a question is being formulated it is important to understand the value aspect of the question instead of only going after the answer/answers.  The value correlate strongly with the incitement to really respect the question. If the value is subjective or more inter subjective,  the truth aspect may not be as important as we can conclude from all the biases of mankind. And of course there are levels of truth that so to say surround the question.

In the debate between atheists and theists there is one thing that often is neglected by the atheists, and that is the value aspect of certain questions. The questions concerning evil are often used by the atheists to disprove an all loving and good  God, by pointing towards all existing evils. (Theodice problem). How come is the relevance of the question not in correspondence  with their own worldview? What answers do atheists have to the questions concerning evil? If we are driven by means of evolution, then how come are humans so evil? Can evil towards others or the constant self harm that people go thru in regards to their own health, like in addiction or anorexia as to name a few. Really be fully understood thru the existing materialistic methods?

How can the over night changes when neighbors goes all out in their attempt to annihilate one and another ,which occurs during certain historical events, be fully understood? Or serial killers that differs so from the standard explanatory sociological or psychological models? Some humans have such immense evil that all scientific models comes up short. The question of evil is not respected at all. For it dwells within most humans but in different levels of degree.

We can not only tuck the question into the subconscious and be fully satisfied with the answer. For what is really the subconscious? As you try to understand the subconscious  you will find yourself staring into a big question mark!

In “The Red book” by Carl Gustav Ljung he in a dialog went thru all the evil that he as a man had to accept. When one search and try to understand evil the only logical conclusion is that it exist forces of good and bad that effect men as mentioned in the bible to come up with an explanatory view.For as we value the question and we are in need of an answer then we must find it in faith. 

And if someone accuse God of being evil then they do not value the question referring to Gods qualities. A evil God would have made slaves or robots instead of giving them freewill. For love is based upon freewill. And if a father gives his son the moral framework to do what is good but the son choose to do evil how can the father be evil?

Take what Jesus said when he took the sins of man onto himself. Here we can find truth that no one hardly can deny. For as one gets aware of that they actually have done something wrong and that there is no possible way to make it undone in this world. No matter how much good the person do the past can never be undone. So there must exist a possibility for a way out of guilt and regret. So if the belief in Jesus sacrifice and what it stands for can make someone leave the past and be born again and start a new life, it has truth in the reconciliation and the transformation of the person.

And there exist many reel empiric changed lives towards the good, all over the world thru Jesus Christ and Our God.   

Who is the man behind this blog?

I am married and a father to three kids and have a dog. But my road started in the northern part of Sweden where i was born. My parents where evangelicals preaching the word of God. We moved to a suburb to Stockholm after I turned 4 years old.

So from living in a safe setting in the middle of the nature where fishing, hunting and hiking where a essential part of everyday life. We moved to a place where the socioeconomic standard where low. Children with alcoholic parents,missing fathers and neglecting mothers.

My first contact with evil was when two- three people where murdered by knife and the apartment set on fire. They where the neighbors of my friend. I saw homes where children lived in total absence of moral guidance or comfort.

And contrary to the previous I also was subjected to morality of a better kind as I also went to a church where Jesus teachings lead the works of the congregation in for example building a hospital in Congo for women that have been raped. And members in the church that were fostering children from broken homes. As to name a few of the works of the congregation.

As I tried to make a understanding of my existence, building an identity and creating a worldview that was coherent. I got lost in a subjective and relative morality. I tried but failed over and over to keep a faith in the bible. And i could not follow the moral teachings of Jesus. But i kept coming back and leaving over and over again. Each time with a deeper understanding of the need of God then the son and know the holy spirit.

In the year of 2000 I went as a soldier to Kosovo and there I came in contact with war crimes and people filled with hate and vengeance towards the ethnic group of the enemy. Here i really understood the value that lie within forgiveness as a mean to progress and letting go of hurt and transgressions.

As I grew older I got interested in philosophy, psychology and theology. I read works of several philosophers but I found Doctor Carl Gustav Ljung especially captivating because of his search for the pleroma (wholeness) of the psyche by trying to understand the subconscious.

Hermeneutics played an important roll also because i grasped the need and importance of understanding history when a more truthful understanding of something or someone is to be made.

Corpus hermeticum was also a book that stood out from the others and i found that the dialog between Asclepious and Hermes about what force is the greatest the one that stuck with me. It was about that which is lesser in visibility correlates with higher potency. “That which moves the mover that move the stone”.

“Thus spoke Zharatustra” from Friederich Nietsche was also interesting and had a total opposite effect on me though it made God alive and more important in my life. Because of the depraving affects that secular subjective relativistic morals have had upon men and societies thru the history of mankind. As man sets himself in the place of God. And the absurdity in the annihilation of absolutes due to nihilism. Which is the biggest bringer of meaninglessness to a persons life that i ever found. But paradoxically also the start of a true necessary search for meaning to for the person.

“Everlasting man” from G.K Chesterton also had a big impact on me. As I read I understood the value and reality of Jesus as a model for man to transform towards.We can see the empiric effects Jesus have had in changing criminals and drug addicts into law abiding sober citizens as to name a few of the plenty. I found an immense amount of value and wisdom that were to be found in the bible and the effect it has had on so many societies, thinkers and searchers.

I started to write a lot and asking questions that lead me to a point were I had to get my reflections out somehow. And here I am now.

Questions that will set forth change.

When you understand the power that lies within questions that are properly formulated then you have a powerful tool to set change forth in your life.  So people are more out to get answers then to properly understand questions that are of the greatest importance and necessity for their personal development. There exist hierarchies of questions that of course are contextual related or of immediate importance. But questions related to the existential are often the bringers of necessary transformation.

The first question has to do with truth and in what way it is of importance?

Truth must be properly subjectively prioritized and understood as necessary  and highly valued,  for it is a complex question that many philosophers have talked about. And Jesus often came with critic towards untruth in men in regards to what they do or think. So transformation can be done if truth will be regarded as something of great importance and as something supporting the right decisions. An idea or a thought must be able to be subjected to truth and if it correlates with that which is good and lasting the most truth is to be found.

What has value and is neglected in my life?

The search for value is often miss guided just look at the amount of time of our most valuable asset time that people waste on things that have low or no meaning. So time has value but we “sell it out to buyers that will not give us value in return”. The waste of time must be taken seriously . And value can be understood sadly for most as their time is running out or when something traumatic happens.  Grab a pen or a friend and discuss where value can be found? And let the questions emerge correlated to just value. You can of course find answers fast, but without formulating new questions there will be limits to your understanding.  The questions that emerge from you subjectively might have certain limitations correlated to your age, knowledge and abilities.So often there is a great need to search actively in literature and different media to get more ” Lego bricks  to create something out of”.  Mostly the hierarchy of values change as time goes by  as the effects of life experience  often are immensely intertwined  with “necessity’s” that mostly are so to say culturally forced upon man.  To actively strive in life to feel meaning and act accordingly  meaningful and to understand the value of meaning in your life will be a true incitement for transformation.

Who am i?

The next question will also be followed by more questions related to who you are. Like what rolls you play? And why you play these? Are you static or in constant progress or reformation? Who do you serve thru the roll playing, is it your ego? The ego is directing and casting rolls for man to play just so he can be experienced in a certain way. And this can damage the self awareness and understanding of who he is.  Can a true understanding of who you are be done without looking back? Sometimes we get lost and must find a point of reference in our past so that we can start all over. A example can be  when i was young i loved being in the forest and i had a christian upbringing. As i grew older i became more and more the one defining right from wrong according to where i lived and according to the ways of my friends and media of course. So i got lost and had to find my way back at a certain point in life so that i could build a more authentic self that was more good and lasting. Here came the deconstruction part in effect and the gradual rebirth of a new self image that was more truthful. And without the teachings of Jesus as the model for my rebirth i would be lost still for i had to find a constant and a true incitement for my change. Something that has lasted more than 2000 years and still to this day saving people from guilt , meaninglessness, hopelessness and giving comfort, strength and change that can be really perceived and noticed by the people surrounding the individual that has undergone the transformation .

I hope your questions will lead you towards that which is good truthful and meaningful!

Deconstruction and rebirth.

When someone is being measured up to new standards that basically brings  him to a urgent state of necessary deconstruction  and rebirth, it sometimes happens because of neglect of the proper focus on the necessary questions that sets forth development. How will this deconstruction take place? What sets it in motion? Probably  some kind of event or realization that strongly contradicts the current state. Movement forward can only be made if that which is now can’t measure up to the new requirements that have emerged. If there exist a need for a realization of the neglected necessity’s that must be acknowledged. Only then can the more truthful be born. So time is of importance and of great value and so is evolution and change that brings the lesser and inadequate to some new and higher states. When man wakes up to this understanding that nature moves and so should the psyche. Only then can he come out of that which seemed as a rigid state of  subjectively defined attributes and qualities. 

So if change seems far away just realize that you are only locked into the current state if no new requirements are given unto you. Of course can these be involuntary or subjectively made. The psyche will if it has not been given the proper stimuli and development opportunities ,give a lot of signals so that you can take on the necessary work that must be made.  Insomnia is one sign, depression and addiction some of the others. When that which is haven’t been given the necessary work which develops it into a higher and more developed constitution it will deconstruct itself. And as the subject is near the end he/her will a lot of times wake up to the necessity of rebirth. And progress sets forth thru the questions that have not been given the proper time to reflect upon. Questions creates paths and roads to travel  and are immensely important as bringer of movement and evolution. The problem with most people that are locked into lesser states of them self are their total neglect of asking relevant questions surrounding their existence and their way of life.

So the next time i will write about these questions here.

Thanks for this time!

Faith the precursor for whats to come .

As we live, time dictates certain things  too the psyche because of the effects that the past, present and the future have on us. So man orient accordingly too these and they have great importance for the possibility of understanding on a deeper level  effects and what is of great importance.

The past is there so we can validate the actions we intend to take. To differentiate what is good from what is bad. Our morality depends on the past so that it will be able to have consistency ,functionality and sustainability. In other words too correctly being able in assessing what is good. Truth must travel from the past to the present and the future too reach the highest and purest form. That which is truthful will endure and last.  But without  faith  no movement will take place. Faith comes first but moves consistent with us as we move forward in time. Doubt stops the movement and hinders the past from reoccurring because it will be locked in the past and not being able to recur in the present and therefor never travel thru time. Doubt creates restraints but faith leads to movement. Time and faith sustains one and an other for they work together in man to validate actions and decisions of value and importance. 

So faith is important  in our daily lives  more than most people are aware of and by understanding the necessity of faith as a precursor and a nutrient that lets thoughts manifest. Like the water that makes the plant grow. The goal can only be reached thru faith and never in doubt and that which is good are the laws given to us by Jesus Christ By faith the words come to life in our lives as forgiveness ,hope, meaning, virtues ,righteousness and love. The word from God last from then to now and tomorrow unto eternity. For it is good and lasting! When doubts set in just go back to the word and faith will lead you by the hand thru all temptations and hardships in life. Freedom from guilt, hopelessness and meaninglessness  as you close you eyes and pray to receive the holy spirit.