The danger of sexual preferences changing due to porn adaptation.

Nowadays people are exposed to vast amounts of almost ever accessible temptations. Thanks to the internet and the everyday carrying of cellphones. Most people nowadays wont raise their eyebrows if someone they know looks at porn. But what are the effects upon man that could be harmful and have not been made consciously aware of and properly reflected upon?

Due to the secularization of today the word guilt is mostly associated with something refering to crime. But for someone with a religiuos belief system that have moral laws or a persons knowledge about the reality behind the porn industri will in some cases cause sensations of guilt. But whether or not people may be secular, atheistic or agnostic out there. Looking at porn will not be regarded as such a big issue until they get desensitized to the normal sexual content. And go too the extremes in finding a liking for something that go against that which is culturally normative, legal or accepted.

There must exist a respect and an understanding regarding the potential threat from the exposure of material with various displays of sexual content. Because it can set in motion a subjective and progressive sexually preferential and deterministic process of evolution. Towards that which is destructive and unmoral even in regards to the moral standards of secular society of today.

The psyche of a normal non addicted and psychologically healthy human will for the most part gravitate towards input that will promote neural connectivity and growth of brains cells so a development can accure. The progression of a psyche regarding feelings, fantasi, stimulation, motivation and preferantial framework can due to causality affect specific behaviors and motivate actions. Like in the example of video gaming. This is why it could be dangerous with the immense variety of material with sexual content that is so easily accessible.

Desensitization and adaptation is something we as humans must have respect of. Because as someone choose to expose himself to porn over a certain time that which was adequate once will no longer stimulate the subject enough. This will push forward the limits and for some people this can have terrific consequences like in the case of the serial killer Ted Bundy. Who had said in an interview that it was thru porn his need was given nurture from.(not the exact quotation used here) And the list goes on regarding the vile sexual preferentials out there. Those of you who dare can see that inteview with Ted Bundy regarding this matter.

So my advice to men out there is to stay away from pornography because it is a destroyer of people,relations, families and morality. We must have the proper respect regarding the corruptible capacity that pornography has over some people that get exposed to it.

Weather and its function as a means for humans to externalize the internalized.

The weather is a subject that is popular for people in general to talk about in almost all kinds of settings whether it be at the buss stop or in a elevator with more or less known people. But what can you learn about someone as they make comments upon the weather?

You will notice the personal preference as to describe and interpreter the weather. Often in a positive or negative manner as you take notice of what words someone use to describe the weather. When there ac curs more negative or positive words which also is supported by a body language and face expressions of suffering, anxiety or assertiveness,comfort and so on. You will so to say often capture something of that persons inner ways to interpret their world and life in general.

If the weather is bad a more resilient person will ad to that weather something more positive like; ” Yes its raining a lot now so i have time to clean my house, get my storage organised and play my piano more.” This supported with a upright body pasture a firm eye contact, smiles and a open body language. The type who have a more fragile and negative mindset will often use words that normally is used to describe negative feelings in describing the weather; “This weather is depressing, i don´t have the energy to do anything when its raining so much, i just want to sleep all the time.” This supported by the look downwards and a body posture of low energy showing defeat .

The workings and projections from the subconsciousness emerge under the most natural, daily small chats or statements that people make. If one is awake and take notice of these it will help to get to know someones need for support. Or help in getting to know someone better. In general people are unaware of the incredible effects upon their behavior that their subconscious have. The subconscious is certainly not neglected for the runners of the consumer market. To have an awareness of the huge influential effects that the subconscious have upon our lives is of great importance if some or any changes of a conscious nature will be able to take place. But that which dwells within the subconscious is something that i later will write more about later here on my blog.

All that emerge have a preexistence of being submerged. The trees sprout from the ground  like the actions of man from the subconscious. And the iceberg is also like the psyche partially emerged but mostly submerged.

When knowledge is not enough.

It is not so unusual that we as humans try too seek out knowledge so that we will be better in transforming something about ourselves into that which is more preferable , it may for example be in the area of health. The strange thing about knowledge is for example that a physician may be informed and in a position to educate patients in the area of loosing weight. And teaching patients in making lifestyle changes as to address the health issues. But actually be over weight him self. Psychologist have also in many cases themselves had problems within their own psyches and although they  know different ideas and therapy methods it cant really put a stop to their own psychological issues.

Why is it so hard for people to practice what they know? It is not enough for many to know how to act most of the times. Its like there is some kind of barrier between the mind and the reality. We can name a few of these barriers of course like laziness, doubt or fear of change, But mostly i think it boils down to the subjects understanding and self image. Whether it is subjectively felt as something static and unchangeable.Or seen as something in progress or a process of becoming.

So if a change is to take place towards goals that are good, there must be a subjective understood definition of freewill. If there is no freewill like a lot of new atheist believe, you are a product of data accumulated in such a way that you act out according to stimuli and the past without being able to say no to that which is coming forth. Freewill is necessary if a change in a certain direction of a good and beneficial nature is to take place.

The subjectively deterministic classification of something about ones psyche,that so to say locks in the trait into a state with a non changing quality. If a proper change is to take place there most be something that ones psyche can develop towards. Something higher than that which actually ever is possible. For then the furthest development towards the good and righteous can be of its fullest worth in relation to the subject that is being transformed.

Here in the material realm there are apparent limits, so if one relates to those they will so too say lock in the psyches progress and possibility within that worldview of materialism.

So man is in need of a model that is both conceivable but also of the highest es sens namely God. Jesus with his teachings, miracles and sacrifice, With his victory over temptation, sin and death. Is to only man in history that have forged together divinity with biology and therefore stands alone as our highest model for our transformation, because there exists no limits in a man that also is God.

That is why the belief in Jesus Christ has transformed people all over the world into something good and incredible in relation to their past lives. Born again serving God our father almighty.

Why is it so hard to break habits?

When we act, feel or think in ways that doesn’t  contribute to changes that are necessary for us to go thru, it is of great importance to commit to the work that brings understanding and change forth.  Man is a product of inheritance and actions that shape the brain and therefore the psyche. To change means that one must go against the preexisting default modes. What that mean is basically that it makes the subject feel and experience things in another way that can subjectively be felt as unnatural. If the person have been accustomed to a lower grade of  meaning or value and must seek to increase these it will probably feel unfamiliar in the beginning. So trusting in the feelings that emerge is probably not always the way to go. Feelings are subjected to stimuli but not necessarily always to values of meaning.

We all heard the saying, “fake it till you make it”. And it ruffly explains a  change in someone that is  felt immensely  different compared to the persons preexisting default modes. So by strictly adhering to the  requirements in a goal orientated way the subject will in due time reconstruct the default mode into the wanted mode. If we think of the beneficial the costly will subside. We can orient ourselves in decision making by three factors feelings, intuition and reason. And the factor of time is important because where is the focus? In the past in the now or in whats to come? Probably all of these three need to be  incorporated into the understanding of the requirements, incitements and the motivation surrounding the change. So the past is required when understanding is to be made but the present can be a reset and a start of change. 

If no mindfulness, awareness or reflections are made as part of the change no change of greater value will be able to occur. For it is basically in going against the past in the present that will have the greatest effects in the future. Writing is a great way to get a picture of the psyche. Too get the mind out there in front of you so that you can reflect upon it. In writing the subconscious plays a great part in whats to be written i believe. Also art is important, for why create anything without meaning? Even as it first appears to lack just that but if a great understanding is searched for some will surely be made. Change is possible but if no real critic is being made of the lesser nothing can be moved towards the greater.

So understanding of values is of great importance if change should be aspired to be made. But also that it is  truthful and correlates with meaning or necessity.