Truthfully realizing the effects of magic upon the psyche.

When we look in to the culture of today we see stories revolving around magic and the supernatural both for kids and adults. The vast amount of magic today in popular culture strongly correlates with the growth of secularization i believe. Because in spite of the empiricism striving towards the dominance over superstition, most of us still to various degrees are aware of the need for the supernatural.

Because it often have fundamental the mind striving out of the constrains of the For our existence bears witness to the In the time between world war 1 and 2 an increasingly interest of spirituality and the occult spread out thru Europe as people left Christianity. Most people are not familiar that the Nazis leadership had a strong belief in the occult . They where aware of symbols and the effects they have upon the psyches of humans.

Symbols represents ideas,unite minds and sets forth movement. As we for example fill an arena with people and show them a familiar sign they will immediately start to associate within their minds. The symbol brings knowledge into awareness thru associations from their subconscious. We all know to a certain extent the power of the free market with its brands, logos and different symbols and the effects they have upon us as we decide to buy a product. The symbol carry a meaning that often in a subliminal manner determinate actions of humans so that they for example will purchase a product.

As the idea or the information related to the sign is known to the subject then its emergence within the mind will be either consciously or subconsciously made. The altering of the subjects interpretation, will and actions to various extents are real and advertisement has been born out of this reality. So i find it interesting that most people in general have so little respect to the influence of this ever growing interest in the occult thru series, media, music, art and so on. Words carry meaning and the signs adhering to it take another path within the psyche thru its activation of different regions in the brain.

So now we must ask ourselves about the reality of beliefs and magic as means to control and change human behavior? Even if it appears to be fiction and fairy tales. Can our brains really separate art,culture and media from altering different levels within the psyche? As someone looks at a movie their brain sends signals to set free hormones and trigger muscular responses altering breathing patterns and pulse. The persons brain can not consciously at certain times during the movie differentiate fiction from reality.

So as we to a certain degree understand and acknowledge the effects of words, signs, pictures and beliefs and their potentiality and power. We must start to question the immense signs and messages from the occult in our everyday lives. And we must seek out the greatest force only to be found in God. And the sign that carries the message of Jesus having defeated sin and the adversaries of God and brought us salvation. The sign that leads us to righteousness and salvation. And is the only hope that conveys forgiveness.

God bless you and i pray that you will understand the reality that Christ has brought all who seek him. And that you will be able to receive the holy spirit to guide you thru life. So it can bring you freedom from sin and give you hope, rest and the power to withstand all that this world
 tries to lead you astray with. In the name of the
 father the son and the holy spirit amen.

Weather and its function as a means for humans to externalize the internalized.

The weather is a subject that is popular for people in general to talk about in almost all kinds of settings whether it be at the buss stop or in a elevator with more or less known people. But what can you learn about someone as they make comments upon the weather?

You will notice the personal preference as to describe and interpreter the weather. Often in a positive or negative manner as you take notice of what words someone use to describe the weather. When there ac curs more negative or positive words which also is supported by a body language and face expressions of suffering, anxiety or assertiveness,comfort and so on. You will so to say often capture something of that persons inner ways to interpret their world and life in general.

If the weather is bad a more resilient person will ad to that weather something more positive like; ” Yes its raining a lot now so i have time to clean my house, get my storage organised and play my piano more.” This supported with a upright body pasture a firm eye contact, smiles and a open body language. The type who have a more fragile and negative mindset will often use words that normally is used to describe negative feelings in describing the weather; “This weather is depressing, i don´t have the energy to do anything when its raining so much, i just want to sleep all the time.” This supported by the look downwards and a body posture of low energy showing defeat .

The workings and projections from the subconsciousness emerge under the most natural, daily small chats or statements that people make. If one is awake and take notice of these it will help to get to know someones need for support. Or help in getting to know someone better. In general people are unaware of the incredible effects upon their behavior that their subconscious have. The subconscious is certainly not neglected for the runners of the consumer market. To have an awareness of the huge influential effects that the subconscious have upon our lives is of great importance if some or any changes of a conscious nature will be able to take place. But that which dwells within the subconscious is something that i later will write more about later here on my blog.

All that emerge have a preexistence of being submerged. The trees sprout from the ground  like the actions of man from the subconscious. And the iceberg is also like the psyche partially emerged but mostly submerged.

The proper understanding of faith.

Where there exists faith there also exists a road by which the human psyche can travel upon. Progress and most actions have their grounding in faith and the awareness of that is probably not so often understood by humans in general. Most secular people put their trust in psychologist when all that they have done cant bring them what they so desperately need. They put their trust in medicines to subdue the feelings that in a lot of cases actually are trying to tell them something.

The placebo effect is scientific relevant because it is empiric and positive with sometimes equal effects of medicine. So is the generally lesser known nocebo effect which work in a more destructive way as it is effecting the human psyche and biology. So belief in the good or the harmful have real effects not thoroughly understood by modern science.

Faith serves us from a pure psychological perspective as it can give us hope and motivate us to keep on going against all odds. Faith is like the carrot on a stick hanging down in front of the stubborn donkey, it motivates the donkey to go forward. Doubt on the other hand keeps us restraint so that no movement forward is to be made. Where would mankind be without faith? We must be humble to the fact that this world have certain limitations as do we. If ones belief system solemnly is based upon the materialistic worldview that comes with certain limitations concerning the amount of hope, motivation, resilience,deliverance and comfort that one can get.

Limits of faith within the materialistic worldview.

So as we move into faith within the immaterial worldview which is related to God, it transcends the limits of the material world. Therefore it can serve man immensely more. A believer in God can rely on the father as someone to take of the weight from concerns thru the practice of prayer. And in the hardships of life trust in a greater plan that God has regarding ones life, the future is unknown to the believer but faith in God gives him or her deliverance from worries and uncertainties.

Faith within the immaterial worldview in God.

One aspect people do not focus or prioritize upon as they are setting goals is if the goal is truthful or based upon belief. Often that which later becomes manifested has its origin in the thoughts of men who believe in the reality of a possibility of that idea. If belief in God is irrelevant for atheist who so to say believe in ideas themselves or relate to thought structures of dead thinkers who´s only current type of existence is thru their books,words and ideas. Why is the idea of a dead philosophizer of any real worth when they so to say do not exist? Is their word only truthful if the source of them exist? So as they claim to have no need to believe in a God that  does not exist. They should ask themselves why believe in anyone that does not exist?

God speaks to us thru words written down and the words carry hope meaning, deliverance, guidance and mercy. There function upon the human psyches are real and therefore truthful. I believe that the value someones word has have to do in what way it can bring answers of existential worth and transform someone towards the  highest good and be the frame and goal for the moral values progressive  works. And enable men/women to withstand trends and cultural movements of different societies that directly or indirectly go against that which is good. If one believes in the potential of transforming man by the word and the truth aspect of it that truly justifies a belief in God.

John 1 King James Version (KJV)

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

The same was in the beginning with God.

All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.

In him was life; and the life was the light of men.

And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.

The power of prayer.

One day ago my fiend came over with his wife and 2 kids. The family where in sorrow and chock as the little brother of my friend had been murdered with an axe by some unknown man a week ago. And the wife of my friend had herself gone thru a loss of her father who had lost the battle towards cancer. When one is facing such sorrow and trauma there must be something more to do than just listening or being supportive. My friend has no belief in God and his wife have some subjective belief but more in the agnostic sense.

As an christian and a believer in the power of prayer i asked them both if it was to be OK if i prayed for them? They answered yes and i prayed in guidance of the holy spirit to the father in the name of Jesus by laying my hands upon one shoulder of them both and prayed. The prayer was specially spoken so that my friend would be able to let go of the judgment to the Lord and be free from thoughts of anger or revenge. For Gods justice is the one above all and the only reel comfort that can give the most deliverance from thoughts of anger and revenge. Afterwards there was i silence and a moment of peace.

I find it interesting that most people who have come to the tipping point of their materialistic comforts as effects of trauma or overwhelming amounts of hurt. Often in a majority of cases are willing to accept the support from God . The trust in them selves or in god-willing fellow humans have obvious limits to the amount of hope, comfort and understanding that can can be attained.

The one stuck in a deep dark pit will often be grateful for the light that comes or for the hand reaching down towards their hand. Which rational being will say no to help even if its grounded upon faith when the limits of this world becomes obvious and all to real?

Modern man is lost in relation to the knowledge of good and evil.

Its is not difficult to see how that which is good is seen as something bad and vice versa, as we look at the culture and the new relative morality of man.The series about Lucifer on Netflix is one of many examples were that which is bad gets blurred and changes into something pragmatic and relative. As someone gets aware of ones thoughts and how the self and its carnality is central for the modern man. That which is culturally manifested has a real effect on ones own morality.

The lack of respect of evil is probably the factor that predestined most of the sufferings that exists or have existed. The biggest deception for people in regards to their own psyches is that they believe that they ground their morals upon something they’ve selves created. Yes people in general have some degree of understanding in regards to nurture and learning. But as someone listens to a pop-song or watch a film or series they are exposed to visual or semantic information that they must process, but this processing is mostly hidden away from our conscious and ac curing within the subconscious. So that means there will be effects later on in our decision making that have emerged out of the mass consummations of culture. And forged together within the subconscious and through a synergy effect make changes in our morals and actions.

To summon up in essence my message. I will mention the holy grail and what it represents. You are the cup and what you fill it with is of great importance. Keep the water pure therein for drop by drop of polluted water it will be undrinkable. And if there is poison therein and that is what you pass around the others holy grail´s will soon also be of no good. Respect all that you fill your cup with and make sure that it will be pure and good. So that your sharing will benefit all that you come in contact with and bring sustenance to the ones in need.

When knowledge is not enough.

It is not so unusual that we as humans try too seek out knowledge so that we will be better in transforming something about ourselves into that which is more preferable , it may for example be in the area of health. The strange thing about knowledge is for example that a physician may be informed and in a position to educate patients in the area of loosing weight. And teaching patients in making lifestyle changes as to address the health issues. But actually be over weight him self. Psychologist have also in many cases themselves had problems within their own psyches and although they  know different ideas and therapy methods it cant really put a stop to their own psychological issues.

Why is it so hard for people to practice what they know? It is not enough for many to know how to act most of the times. Its like there is some kind of barrier between the mind and the reality. We can name a few of these barriers of course like laziness, doubt or fear of change, But mostly i think it boils down to the subjects understanding and self image. Whether it is subjectively felt as something static and unchangeable.Or seen as something in progress or a process of becoming.

So if a change is to take place towards goals that are good, there must be a subjective understood definition of freewill. If there is no freewill like a lot of new atheist believe, you are a product of data accumulated in such a way that you act out according to stimuli and the past without being able to say no to that which is coming forth. Freewill is necessary if a change in a certain direction of a good and beneficial nature is to take place.

The subjectively deterministic classification of something about ones psyche,that so to say locks in the trait into a state with a non changing quality. If a proper change is to take place there most be something that ones psyche can develop towards. Something higher than that which actually ever is possible. For then the furthest development towards the good and righteous can be of its fullest worth in relation to the subject that is being transformed.

Here in the material realm there are apparent limits, so if one relates to those they will so too say lock in the psyches progress and possibility within that worldview of materialism.

So man is in need of a model that is both conceivable but also of the highest es sens namely God. Jesus with his teachings, miracles and sacrifice, With his victory over temptation, sin and death. Is to only man in history that have forged together divinity with biology and therefore stands alone as our highest model for our transformation, because there exists no limits in a man that also is God.

That is why the belief in Jesus Christ has transformed people all over the world into something good and incredible in relation to their past lives. Born again serving God our father almighty.

The value aspect of the question.

When a question is being formulated it is important to understand the value aspect of the question instead of only going after the answer/answers.  The value correlate strongly with the incitement to really respect the question. If the value is subjective or more inter subjective,  the truth aspect may not be as important as we can conclude from all the biases of mankind. And of course there are levels of truth that so to say surround the question.

In the debate between atheists and theists there is one thing that often is neglected by the atheists, and that is the value aspect of certain questions. The questions concerning evil are often used by the atheists to disprove an all loving and good  God, by pointing towards all existing evils. (Theodice problem). How come is the relevance of the question not in correspondence  with their own worldview? What answers do atheists have to the questions concerning evil? If we are driven by means of evolution, then how come are humans so evil? Can evil towards others or the constant self harm that people go thru in regards to their own health, like in addiction or anorexia as to name a few. Really be fully understood thru the existing materialistic methods?

How can the over night changes when neighbors goes all out in their attempt to annihilate one and another ,which occurs during certain historical events, be fully understood? Or serial killers that differs so from the standard explanatory sociological or psychological models? Some humans have such immense evil that all scientific models comes up short. The question of evil is not respected at all. For it dwells within most humans but in different levels of degree.

We can not only tuck the question into the subconscious and be fully satisfied with the answer. For what is really the subconscious? As you try to understand the subconscious  you will find yourself staring into a big question mark!

In “The Red book” by Carl Gustav Ljung he in a dialog went thru all the evil that he as a man had to accept. When one search and try to understand evil the only logical conclusion is that it exist forces of good and bad that effect men as mentioned in the bible to come up with an explanatory view.For as we value the question and we are in need of an answer then we must find it in faith. 

And if someone accuse God of being evil then they do not value the question referring to Gods qualities. A evil God would have made slaves or robots instead of giving them freewill. For love is based upon freewill. And if a father gives his son the moral framework to do what is good but the son choose to do evil how can the father be evil?

Take what Jesus said when he took the sins of man onto himself. Here we can find truth that no one hardly can deny. For as one gets aware of that they actually have done something wrong and that there is no possible way to make it undone in this world. No matter how much good the person do the past can never be undone. So there must exist a possibility for a way out of guilt and regret. So if the belief in Jesus sacrifice and what it stands for can make someone leave the past and be born again and start a new life, it has truth in the reconciliation and the transformation of the person.

And there exist many reel empiric changed lives towards the good, all over the world thru Jesus Christ and Our God.