Deconstruction and rebirth.

When someone is being measured up to new standards that basically brings  him to a urgent state of necessary deconstruction  and rebirth, it sometimes happens because of neglect of the proper focus on the necessary questions that sets forth development. How will this deconstruction take place? What sets it in motion? Probably  some kind of event or realization that strongly contradicts the current state. Movement forward can only be made if that which is now can’t measure up to the new requirements that have emerged. If there exist a need for a realization of the neglected necessity’s that must be acknowledged. Only then can the more truthful be born. So time is of importance and of great value and so is evolution and change that brings the lesser and inadequate to some new and higher states. When man wakes up to this understanding that nature moves and so should the psyche. Only then can he come out of that which seemed as a rigid state of  subjectively defined attributes and qualities. 

So if change seems far away just realize that you are only locked into the current state if no new requirements are given unto you. Of course can these be involuntary or subjectively made. The psyche will if it has not been given the proper stimuli and development opportunities ,give a lot of signals so that you can take on the necessary work that must be made.  Insomnia is one sign, depression and addiction some of the others. When that which is haven’t been given the necessary work which develops it into a higher and more developed constitution it will deconstruct itself. And as the subject is near the end he/her will a lot of times wake up to the necessity of rebirth. And progress sets forth thru the questions that have not been given the proper time to reflect upon. Questions creates paths and roads to travel  and are immensely important as bringer of movement and evolution. The problem with most people that are locked into lesser states of them self are their total neglect of asking relevant questions surrounding their existence and their way of life.

So the next time i will write about these questions here.

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Why is it so hard to break habits?

When we act, feel or think in ways that doesn’t  contribute to changes that are necessary for us to go thru, it is of great importance to commit to the work that brings understanding and change forth.  Man is a product of inheritance and actions that shape the brain and therefore the psyche. To change means that one must go against the preexisting default modes. What that mean is basically that it makes the subject feel and experience things in another way that can subjectively be felt as unnatural. If the person have been accustomed to a lower grade of  meaning or value and must seek to increase these it will probably feel unfamiliar in the beginning. So trusting in the feelings that emerge is probably not always the way to go. Feelings are subjected to stimuli but not necessarily always to values of meaning.

We all heard the saying, “fake it till you make it”. And it ruffly explains a  change in someone that is  felt immensely  different compared to the persons preexisting default modes. So by strictly adhering to the  requirements in a goal orientated way the subject will in due time reconstruct the default mode into the wanted mode. If we think of the beneficial the costly will subside. We can orient ourselves in decision making by three factors feelings, intuition and reason. And the factor of time is important because where is the focus? In the past in the now or in whats to come? Probably all of these three need to be  incorporated into the understanding of the requirements, incitements and the motivation surrounding the change. So the past is required when understanding is to be made but the present can be a reset and a start of change. 

If no mindfulness, awareness or reflections are made as part of the change no change of greater value will be able to occur. For it is basically in going against the past in the present that will have the greatest effects in the future. Writing is a great way to get a picture of the psyche. Too get the mind out there in front of you so that you can reflect upon it. In writing the subconscious plays a great part in whats to be written i believe. Also art is important, for why create anything without meaning? Even as it first appears to lack just that but if a great understanding is searched for some will surely be made. Change is possible but if no real critic is being made of the lesser nothing can be moved towards the greater.

So understanding of values is of great importance if change should be aspired to be made. But also that it is  truthful and correlates with meaning or necessity. 

Faith the precursor for whats to come .

As we live, time dictates certain things  too the psyche because of the effects that the past, present and the future have on us. So man orient accordingly too these and they have great importance for the possibility of understanding on a deeper level  effects and what is of great importance.

The past is there so we can validate the actions we intend to take. To differentiate what is good from what is bad. Our morality depends on the past so that it will be able to have consistency ,functionality and sustainability. In other words too correctly being able in assessing what is good. Truth must travel from the past to the present and the future too reach the highest and purest form. That which is truthful will endure and last.  But without  faith  no movement will take place. Faith comes first but moves consistent with us as we move forward in time. Doubt stops the movement and hinders the past from reoccurring because it will be locked in the past and not being able to recur in the present and therefor never travel thru time. Doubt creates restraints but faith leads to movement. Time and faith sustains one and an other for they work together in man to validate actions and decisions of value and importance. 

So faith is important  in our daily lives  more than most people are aware of and by understanding the necessity of faith as a precursor and a nutrient that lets thoughts manifest. Like the water that makes the plant grow. The goal can only be reached thru faith and never in doubt and that which is good are the laws given to us by Jesus Christ By faith the words come to life in our lives as forgiveness ,hope, meaning, virtues ,righteousness and love. The word from God last from then to now and tomorrow unto eternity. For it is good and lasting! When doubts set in just go back to the word and faith will lead you by the hand thru all temptations and hardships in life. Freedom from guilt, hopelessness and meaninglessness  as you close you eyes and pray to receive the holy spirit.  

The importance of a proper mindset for learning.

So the mind  defines you and is mostly except from certain areas more or less plastic and ever changing. But one thing sets one person apart from the other. And it is the proper mindset for learning! So if you want to grow pick up the most difficult but interesting book you can find and set you mind on finishing it. You must be honest and humble in your approach. You do not have to understand everything to be honest, some books of  philosophy are more like a marathon for your brain. But grit is also a nice trait to practice. Okay when you read you always expand in some way but of coarse always  in accordance to your own basis. When you read something hard you move your position forward maybe not towards the highest possible form of completion, but still forward. And simple to achieve the sense of gratification from enduring the thoughts of great thinkers will contribute immensely to your next advancement. 

Levels of understanding differs of coarse among us even as we read the same book. The interesting thing is that we select subjectively certain ideas, questions and interpret in ways that will contribute to our understanding in other fields. We cant always understand in which way information moves the intellect and  what form the synergy effect of knowledge will manifest? The limit of your self is the level of understanding you seek. Be humble for the wise started so, they searched thoroughly within and found feelings in need of meaning. All came to a certain point of feeling restrained or inadequate facing certain questions. Read the ideas of the dead and make them come to life expand your position forward sometimes in the realization of your precious time being wasted on lesser deeds of low or no meaning.

Fame or feeding the ego is not a noble goal but authenticity and meaning !

The meaning of suffering.

Questions regarding suffering are crucial for one to reflect upon sense we all suffer but of course in various ways and degrees. We have both physical suffering as psychological and how we are able to make sense of these are of the most utter importance. So there is of course sufferings that are hard to understand. But mostly suffering shows us what will work or not. And the determining  factor  is in what grade something correlates with that what which is good? The grade of evil something is built upon undermines its existence just look at the attempts of expanding  evil in the human history and what now remains of it. So the human mind must answer to the same laws of what is good and thereby lasting. Just look at Jesus who set the ultimate standard for good and look on how long Christianity have survived. So when we want change in our lives we must search for that which is good and truthful. Build your empire upon that which endures all. Empires come and go but the truth and goodness bears witness of the way for us to wander.

When all politic parties loose their values in favor of populism and man has set its own moral law what can remain of it? Where will identification be found? So suffering leads the way to salvation when a man is near the end of his life or when the existential questions take over. When suffering reaches a certain level only then can a person be given a chance to wake up. The ones who in spite of privies attempts found in history of the same evil  or lesser good tries to build anything meet the same faith.

Look at the universe starting in chaos but thru Gods word who ordered the structure that set forth and still sustains life. Look at a man destroyed by his bad doings in life sitting in prison only by the word of God can order be brought and a new life come forth. God is good for when man tries to build any empire without truth and goodness they wither away. And when what we build correlates to that which is good and of course truth it lives and prospers in both the micro and the macro.

Hope the neglected necessity.

Something that really puzzles me is the general absence of hope in peoples lives. The necessity of hope is so misunderstood and therefore not sought after.  I mean why is it like that? If we just asses the limitations that govern certain events in our lives like  when facing decease, trauma and of course a death that is approaching. Where does hope come from when all that we rely upon in this world comes short? So should we just accept hopelessness when facing what  is uncontrollable or unknowable? 

An atheist can make a affirmation based upon limitation because it is restricted to the material laws, A believer in God can make a prayer without any limits because it is set to a higher standard namely the immaterial realms. And because belief and faith in God is such a powerful  hope generating factor, why deny its psychological  beneficial functionality?  How many prisoners, drug addicts or existential lost people have been saved from their hopeless situation by trusting in this world? For it is their mistrust in this world that destroyed them in the first place.  No they need something beyond this something good and transcendent a father who they can turn to in spite of despair, hopelessness and find comfort and hope.


If you live  in this world and you try to make sense of the fact that there cant be real justice found and you are atheistic. That is a big problem. I guess this question  cant be  important for most of the atheists? For according to their materialistic world view it wont be any compensation for suffering that is unjust and no punishment for the ones that the law cant catch. Someone born into poverty , slavery or war the list can be made much longer of coarse. So if there is no afterlife where a judge that everyone has to face can judge each and everyone of us by how we have lived. And if there is no compensation for the ones that have suffered unjustly then this world falls out of the realms of true understanding or at least out of  making sense. 

What happens when you as a person cant find justice? Then you start to doubt and then you start to question things. Of course can you then start to live at least your life more justly but according to what standards? We can turn a blind eye to things in this world but only to a certain  point. Remember that a sense of justice correlates with a sense of meaning.  A person living in drug abuse and  criminality have very low meaning by their own subjective standards in life but also according to more inter subjectively definitions. And someone running a hospital in a poor country have high subjective meaning in life and will also be seen upon as someone with a higher sense of meaning. But we face things that are also out of the realms of justice. If we just ignore these they wont disappear no they will dwell in our subconscious and over the years that pass they will build up within to such a grade that they will manifest into a depression or something else. So by looking at  one way that atheism can go is by pure nihilism.  We can read about the mental health of the philosophizer Friedrich Nietzshe so that doesn’t seem to work. If you kill God and all moral law is being set to nihilistic standards then you surely will dwell in pure meaninglessness. 

But if there is a God then there can be meaning through justice and through compensation beyond our imagination for the ones treated unjustly in this life. And then we can rest in our faith when we face evil in this world. Or simply be reminded of the limits of man.  We can add to this the realm of the transcendent justice in the one and only good, the creator and law giver, our objective true justice , God!